Agricultural Machinery for
Spreading Fodder

Company aims 

HIMAC sells machinery and equipment for agriculture and livestock which allows farmers and agriculturalists to achieve high-quality work that is carried out in complete safety. In turn, this ensures the welfare of cattle and poultry bred on the farm. Our company also makes it possible to acquire used farm equipment in a short period of time, specifically for those looking to modernise or expand their fleet of farm machinery.

Services and equipment

HIMAC boasts extensive experience in distributing machines used for animal feed and also for the preparation and management of bedding materials. It is one of the few companies worldwide that operates with professionalism and quality in this area. The company meets all the needs and demands of the farmer and rancher, ensuring maximum compliance with strict safety and environmental standards. Looking in detail at the services offered by HIMAC, we find:
  • The sale, rental of special machinery with particular conditions
  • Assistance and supplying of spare parts: if you are located close to Rome or Padua, then you can use our direct service for assistance and spare parts. For the rest of the Italy, Himac relies on authorized shops and dealers.
  • The sale of used machinery all throughout Europe
For our complete service on agricultural activities and services dedicated to breeding, please contact us for any type of information and queries.
For information and inquiriesabout our services dedicated to agriculture and farm machinery,
 call +39 335 5954771 or +39 335 397130
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